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Stickman 5.6 Crack & Serial Number

Stickman Crack & Serial Number

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Stickman is a lightweight Windows animation package that allows users to create cartoon movies, web animations, and figures.

As soon as you run the program, you are asked to choose from one the following operations: create an animation scene, build figures, or design characters.

When it comes to creating a new animation scene, you can select between different preset background images and body parts, or upload local image files (PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF).

Stickman enables users to go to a specified frame, roll back any unnecessary adjustments thanks to its built-in buttons, preview the animations, add or delete key frames, embed text messages, as well as enable the keyboard control.

Plus, you can use different editing tools for changing the color of the selected objects and drawing different objects, and insert cameras which allow you to zoom in or out of the working environment and rotate the area to different angles.

Stickman also allows users to view and adjust figure movement, rotate and resize the size of a figure, and trigger sounds. The generated animations can be exported to SWF, AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, FLV, other file formats.

The figure editor comprises many configurable settings for helping you work with multiple layers, add special effects, and insert various preset objects.

The application features a built-in character editor that gives you the possibility to design a new figure with just a few clicks. You can add predefined body parts and move, rotate, or zoom in or out of the selected objects. Other important options worth naming let you record sounds and capture the activity of your screen or webcam to a video file.

All in all, Stickman is a handy 2D animation editor that comes packed with many dedicated parameters for helping you design cartoon movies.

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