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Subliminal Images 1.0 Crack & Serial Number

Subliminal Images Crack & Serial Number

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Download Subliminal Images [Crack]

Subliminal Images is a small program that shows image files (jpg, gif and bmp format) for a very short (30 milliseconds) time period.

You can customize displaying frequency and location of pictures on your screen (center or random). You can add or delete any image using a simple interface.

Subliminal messages can be very effective for self-help, self-hypnosis, etc

Brainwashing is a term perceived in a negative way by most people. But you know what; I think our brains could actually do with a bit of a wash sometimes!

You see, everyone comes into this world with a clear mind, and a belief that everything is possible. All is positive and well. Remember as a child, you could do and become everything, without any boundaries! As we grow up however, we pick up beliefs, fears and limitations from our surroundings and peers that gradually form the person we are today.

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