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Subs Grabber Crack + Activator Download

Subs Grabber Crack + Activator Download

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Download Subs Grabber [Crack]

Downloading subtitles for your movies is an easy task with so many websites created in this regard, but Subs Grabber lets you do the same thing from the comfort of your desktop.

The application was developed to help you search for subtitles and download them with just a few clicks, but it also provides some other options to enhance the whole process.

Truth is, the GUI isn’t exactly well thought out, so you may need a few seconds to figure out which feature is which, but it still helps the app do what it says.

There are two searching modes available, both of them capable of looking for subtitles on no less than 10 online databases, with support for many languages, including Romanian, Italian, French, English and German.

First of all, there’s the typical searching method that requires you to write down a keyword and thus look for a specific subtitle, but a second and more effective solution is also available. You can use a movie stored on the local disks to search for a subtitle, with Subs Grabber collecting video information and thus returning the correct subtitle.

Besides the powerful subtitle search engine, Subs Grabber also comprises a subtitle uploading utility to let others download the file, but lots of details are required. You have to input move file, title, IMDB link, plot and genre, poster, subtitle author, language, format, number of CDs and FPS.

There are only a few settings to play with, but Subs Grabber can integrate into the Windows Context Menu for quick file searching, adjust movie result limits and configure movie posters.

All things considered, if you are a movie fan, Subs Grabber may come in very handy, but remember that this tool needs multiple enhancements, starting with a more user-friendly interface and ending with support for many more online databases.

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