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Super CD Cover Maker 4.2.10 Crack With Serial Number Latest 2024

Super CD Cover Maker Crack With Serial Number Latest 2024

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Download Super CD Cover Maker [Crack]

Super CD Cover Maker is a lightweight Windows software solution designed to help your print CD covers with ease.

The application has quite a simple interface, but that's only the result of the limited number of features, which means you shouldn't expect to create the most appealing CD covers ever seen.

Super CD Cover Maker lets you create a cover for every part of a CD case, including front, inside, back, back inside and even for the CD per se.

Still, the so-called cover is actually an image that's automatically stretched to fit a CD case, with no other photo editing tools available. Inserting a new picture is as easy as pie, and right clicking in the main window should do the job. The supported formats include JPG, GIF, BMP, EMF, WMF, ICO and CUR.

Super CD Cover Maker also boasts a minimal “Preferences” window that lets you provide the path to your dedicated photo editor and thus edit one of the images you plan to use on the go.

Other than that, there's nothing special about this app. It lets you print the created covers easily, but you can also save the projects in its very own format in order to be editing again at a later date.

It's absolutely no surprise that Super CD Cover Maker doesn't need an ultra fast computer to run properly and it works well on all Windows versions. Windows 7 users however need administrator privileges to make it load.

All in all, Super CD Cover Maker is just a basic CD cover creator, offering only minimal tools to design new projects. There are many other apps out there, doing the same thing much better and even with a freeware license.

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