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Super Fdisk 1.0 Crack + Keygen Download

Super Fdisk Crack + Keygen Download

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Download Super Fdisk [Crack]

When purchasing a new computer, all the drives are already partitioned and most people stick to this structure for as long as they use the PC.

However, there are also some who prefer to customize every aspect of their computer, and this includes the partitions, so they need a specialized application such as Super Fdisk.

Due to this utility, it becomes very easy to manage primary, logical or extended partitions without corrupting or deleting data.

You can start by creating a bootable floppy diskette or CD with the application, so you can later boot in DOS with them and launch the main window. Since the interface is highly intuitive, one can effortlessly select the action they want to perform, no matter if it creating, erasing or formatting a partition.

When it comes setting up a new partition, one needs to specify its type and file system, then assign it a label and enter its target space, in MB.

When deleting a partition, users can also choose to securely erase its contents, so as to make sure that nobody can recover its documents, not even if they are using specialized software.

Super Fdisk can also come in handy to those who want to hide or unhide partitions, be they FAT, NTFS/HPFS, EXT2, EXT3 or SWAP, as well as backup or restore the Boot sector, the partition table or the MBR (master boot record).

Moreover, one can turn to Super Fdisk when it comes to deleting the MBR of a certain hard disk or to explore the partition table and the details of available HDDs.

All in all, Super Fdisk is a nifty app that can help users create, delete or format partitions on their computers - nonetheless, it first needs to be burned onto a CD or a floppy disk, which means that most users are likely to look for other software solutions that require less hassle to be run.

However, it is obsolete and users are encouraged to download its newer counterpart EASEUS Partition Master.

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