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Super Mp3 Recorder Pro 6.5.5 Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

Super Mp3 Recorder Pro Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

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Download Super Mp3 Recorder Pro [Crack]

Super Mp3 Recorder Pro is an advanced Windows software solution designed to record and edit sounds from various sources, be they microphones or the audio card.

Especially designed to capture any signal that goes through your sound card and record it in MP4, WMA, VQF, OGG or WAV formats, Super Mp3 Recorder Pro also provides advanced editing utilities to cut, paste, trim and apply multiple effects.

The interface is simple enough to make the whole task a breeze for beginners too, providing the usual play, pause, record and stop buttons, as well as equalizer and brief information on the output file.

Once you create a new recording, the file is placed in a dedicated list, along with information such as time, duration and local path, while allowing you to edit the file with a single right-click. Editing on the other hand is a more complicated task, but you're allowed to work with effects such as fade in, fade out, insert silence or scale.

The configuration screen is another important side of the application, as it comprises preferences regarding the supported formats and mixer options. Plus, you can set up hotkeys, especially useful if you intend to start and stop recording just by pressing the user-defined key combinations.

The MP3 settings tab gives you the power to adjust sample rate, bitrate, mode (which can be stereo, dual channel or mono) and various other settings, such as copyright and CRC.

Super Mp3 Recorder Pro does what it says and doesn't affect computer performance, working just fine on all Windows workstations.

Overall, Super Mp3 Recorder Pro deserves a chance, not only because it boasts a user-friendly approach, but also thanks to the fact that it offers full control over every single recording.

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