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SuperPIM 1.94 Crack & Keygen

SuperPIM Crack & Keygen

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SuperPIM is a comprehensive personal information manager that comes in handy when you want to add and manage multiple contacts, write memorable thoughts or ideas, send messages to your clients, and store important information.

It's wrapped in a well-structured interface with drop-down tabs, namely "Contacts", "Senders", "Notes", "Calendar" and "Information", along with a rich toolbar. Most of the functions are disabled when accessing a category.

You have the choice to make a new database or use the default one the app comes with. Contacts can be organized into separate folders, like family, friends or co-workers.

The contact editor comes with fields such as name, nickname, gender, birthday, tree icon, horoscope sign, hobby, phone numbers, addresses, webpage and company. Plus, you can load multiple photos for a specific contact.

The "Senders" tab lets you send or receive messages. You first have to open or create at least one sender account to deliver messages. Then, you can set up an SMS server or remote account. It's possible to compose and structure your notes in distinct categories and set passwords for each directory or file.

A basic word editor is offered, which comes bundled with the standard formatting elements, like font types, colors, bullet lists and paragraph alignment. Plus, you can use emoticons. The calendar displays information about the solar and lunar phases. However, you can't schedule appointments through it.

The last tab comes with useful data, such as metrology, post/area codes, countries and capitals, Internet domains and currency units. For each group, you have the option to add new information that can later help you with your work. Last but not least, you can export the data to TXT, RTF or CSV files.

Taking everything into account, SuperPIM is a reliable software solution that comes in handy when you want to organize your life efficiently. It helps you store contacts, compose notes and diary entries, set up sending/receiving accounts and check useful facts.

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