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Sygate Personal Firewall PRO 5.5.2828 Crack + License Key Download

Sygate Personal Firewall PRO Crack + License Key Download

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Download Sygate Personal Firewall PRO [Crack]

Windows Firewall aims to offer the basic means to keep data safe from unauthorized access via various networks or the Internet. More advanced dedicated tools can also be used, one such being Sygate Personal Firewall Pro, a software that ensures the security of your computer, thanks to a powerful firewall.

In the user-friendly interface you can view incoming and outgoing traffic history, as well as an attack history graph.

Furthermore, you can control running applications ("Allow", "Ask", "Block", "Terminate"), as well as change their viewing mode (e.g. "Application Details", "Connection Details").

In addition, you can visualize a list of applications that have been verified by Sygate Personal Firewall Pro and access "Advanced Settings" to input program restrictions, enable scheduling, and more.

You can also view a traffic log (time, action, severity, direction, protocol, remote host), security, packet and system log, as well as get backtrack information on each program.

Plus, you can set advanced rules, perform a security test, block Network Neighborhood traffic while the computer is in screensaver mode, password-protect the firewall, select the network interface, configure "Smart Traffic" handling, as well as enable stealth mode browsing, DLL authentication, email notifications, and more.

The program uses a low amount of system resources, comes with a well-drawn help file, performs automatic updates and notifies you whenever a third-party software attempts to connect to your computer.

On an ending note, since it doesn't require an initial configuration, even rookies can use Sygate Personal Firewall Pro as an alternative to the Windows Firewall. It provides a powerful set of tools that can surely be of help in keeping files secured. We strongly recommend it.

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