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SysResources Manager 12.4 Crack With Serial Number Latest

SysResources Manager Crack With Serial Number Latest

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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SysResources Manager is an application designed to conduct a detailed analysis of your computer and provide information on both the hardware and the software components.

First of all, the program is very easy to use and is addressed to both beginners and more experienced users.

Features are organized on tabs, so we have 'System', 'Bandwidth Monitor', 'Drives', 'Task Manager', 'Network Connections', 'Services', 'Startup Manager', 'Program Launcher', 'Special Folders', 'Options' and 'Lock Computer'.

Just as expected, the first tab provides an overview of your system, displaying info such as CPU usage, disk activity, total and free physical memory, available and free virtual memory.

The 'Bandwidth Monitor' keeps an eye on the network connections and shows the download and the upload speed, together with network speed, adapter address, IP address and received and sent packets.

While the 'Drives' and the 'Task Manager' tabs come with self-explanatory names, the 'Special Folders' tool gives you access to some important system folders, thus enabling you to edit some files on the go.

The 'Lock Computer' tab does exactly what its name suggest, but before pressing this button, make sure to change the default password. This isn't the same locking feature as the one included in Windows but don't panic though if you hit it by mistake, it's enough to leave the password field empty and press 'Enter'.

SysResources Manager remains light on computer resources all the time and works on all Windows versions out there, so it will most likely get along pretty well with older machines too.

The good side of the app is definitely the amount of features it provides, while the bad thing is probably the interface which is indeed plain-looking but still lacks some modern and stylish elements here and there to make it more attractive.

All in all, SysResources Manager is a tool worth trying and thanks to its ease of use, it's almost a sure thing that all users will make the most out of it.

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