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Tabbles Portable 2.4.10 Crack + Activator Updated

Tabbles Portable Crack + Activator Updated

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Tabbles Portable is an innovative piece of software designed for organizing folders and files into categories without the need to copy them in more than one location on your disk.

Tabbles Portable offers a clear overview of your drives and folders, with the option to browse through directories. The only disadvantage is the lack of a collapsed view of the folders, so you can see the subfolders.

The Search function is very useful for finding files or folders that need to be tagged, untagged or moved to different categories.

Various kinds of tags can be created, for events, dates, type of files, colleagues or any other category you might need. You can assign colors to these tags, or rename them, to make categorizing files a little easier.

Tabbles Portable enables you to assign multiple tags to a single file, in case the file or folder belongs to more than one category.

And this works both ways, you can dissociate anytime a file from a particular category, when it doesn't belong there anymore.

When a file or folder meets specific conditions set by you, Tabbles Portable will automatically tag them and assign them to a category of your choice. You can create new rules by selecting the criteria from a list of conditions.

Tabbles Portable will also notify you with small pop-ups whenever a file meets the conditions for auto-tagging, allowing you to promptly decide if you want to assign a tag.

These tags are not only for organizing your own files, they can be used for shared folders and files over a network or even on cloud storage services.

Tabbles Portable is an original program that allows you to mark folders and files from your disk or cloud storage services, in order to assign them into categories, without requiring you to move or copy the same files to more than one location.

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