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Tansee iPhone SMS/MMS/iMessage Transfer Crack & Serial Key

Tansee iPhone SMS/MMS/iMessage Transfer Crack & Serial Key

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Tansee iPhone/iPad/iPod SMS/MMS/iMessage Transfer is a handy application designed to help you backup short text messages on the computer hard drive. It aims to retrieve the messages from the phone and save them to your computer with minimum effort.

If you are frequently using an iPhone for exchanging text messages with friends and colleagues, it is likely to quickly reach the message number limit. This tool can help by creating archives with the text messages that you want to keep, before cleaning the phone memory.

The program can export and view the messages from TXT, MHT or ANTS files in order to review the saved conversations. You can protect the content of the backed up messages by using the password protection feature of the proprietary ANTS file format.

The interface of the program is simple and allows you to explore the content of the iPhone and the backed up files. If you are using the ANTS file format, one click on the archive displays its content and allows you to delete certain messages.

Although the ANTS format provides you with the security and editing features, there are other reasons that might urge you to choose another format. For instance, the TXT format enables you to open the archive with a simple text editor in order to make changes to the messages.

Since the MHT format can easily be opened with Internet Explorer, you should opt for this format if you want to share a conversation. The layout of the information makes it suitable for printing and enables you to create a hard copy of the data.

You can use this tool for exporting the messages from a single contact or all the conversations from the phone archive. The date is displayed on every message which makes it easier to identify the moment of the conversation.

Overall, the Tansee iPhone SMS/MMS/iMessage Transfer is a useful utility for the iPhone owners who want to export certain SMS conversations and back them up on their personal computer.

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