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Teacher ToolKit (formerly Classroom Timer) 3.0 Crack Plus Activation Code

Teacher ToolKit (formerly Classroom Timer) Crack Plus Activation Code

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Download Teacher ToolKit (formerly Classroom Timer) [Crack]

Having a computer around can increase productivity and save a lot of time, regardless of activity. When it comes to schools, specialized applications like Teacher ToolKit give you the possibility to manage the grading system for your school, as well as an integrated timer to keep around and remind you of important events.

The application prompts you with a compact window representing a main menu. You are able to make use of two tools, one of which gives you the possibility to customize the parameters that determine grading method.

You are required to specify a number of problems which generates a grade card that you can print out on a sheet of paper. It simply represents a table containing values for wrong answers, corresponding grade as well as the letter.

Functionality is rather restricted, because you cannot save any info unless printed, nor create a database of students and grades or issue reports.

The other integrated feature you can access from the main menu is a timer tool. The application lets you select several tones to acoustically alert you when time expires. A field requires you to enter a value from 1 to 99 and choose whether it represents minutes or seconds.

Other than features mentioned above the application puts little else at your disposal. There is no integrated function that lets you keep track of any student related details, which is only a shame considering its core function is to aid a teacher.

All in all, Teacher ToolKit only manages to provide a useful timer you can use, but even that feature is limited. The name tricks you into giving it a try, leaving you to search through all options for something that can be put to good use.

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