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TeamDrive Portable 4.6.11 Build 2662 Crack With License Key

TeamDrive Portable Crack With License Key

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


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TeamDrive Portable is a comprehensive and effective piece of software geared towards users who need to keep their data synchronized between various computers that are both online and offline. It provides you an unparallelled 256 bit end to end encryption so you can rest assured that all you information and files are secured.

When you launch the application for the first time, you are required to create a new account that connects to the cloud service in order to store your data and synchronize it effortlessly. After that, you need to create a new space or simply choose an existing folder in the file system and convert it accordingly.

Specify the destination folder where the new space will be created, set its name and choose the server you want to connect to, then invite all the users you want to synchronize data with, by specifying their name or e-mail address. This way, the files that you upload to the cloud are automatically transferred to the computer that was invited to join your space.

Quite interesting at TeamDrive Portable is that, once the connection between multiple computers is created, it will automatically synchronize all the folders whenever something changes. This feature applies for offline computers as well. The program is able to encrypt and compress data, then upload it to a TeamDrive server and after the connected PCs go back online, it will transfer the data automatically.

Since TeamDrive Portable makes it possible to create teams and collaborate with people from different locations, you can easily maintain complete control of the files and group members. Additionally, you can assign read / write privileges only to the users you want, as well as remove group members and delete files from the server permanently.

Thanks to its portability characteristic, you can take the application with you anywhere you want. It does not require you to install it and allows you to run it from your USB stick or your desktop, completely removing the program just by deleting the containing folder.

Considering all of the above, TeamDrive Portable proves to be an effective and steady solution worth having when you need to backup your data, as well as synchronize various folders and documents with various computers.

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