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Teleport Pro 1.72 Crack Plus License Key

Teleport Pro Crack Plus License Key

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Browsing a website offline can be easily done if there's a downloaded copy saved locally or on a portable device, but the difficulty resides in getting all the data in the first place. Web crawlers, or web spiders as they are also known as, have this ability, to create a copy of visited webpages for later reviewing.

Among the many dedicated utilities that are especially tailored for this task, Teleport Pro aims to provide the best performance. Thanks to a plain, yet well-organized interface, the software enables you to download a whole website on the fly.

The ease of use is one of the attributes of this application, as it greets you with a simple wizard that will be most helpful in creating a new project. In all, only four steps are required to complete the task and set up the job.

Among the supported actions, you can choose to create a full clone of a particular website, search for and retrieve specific files on any domain, or perform a quick keyword search on the selected webpages.

There are many customizations you can apply to the project, before or after its creation. Thus, you can manually select the depth Teleport Pro will explore, namely the number of links from the starting point that the software will look into.

An important choice you have to make, critical actually as it impacts directly on the amount of data that is stored onto your system, regards the data that will be retrieved. The application can save text, graphics and sound individually or altogether.

While the retrieval process is running, you can, at any time, pause or stop it and even explore the downloaded content. There is also a useful 'Update' function that, when activated, checks the target and if a newer version of any file is available, Teleport Pro will grab it.

To sum things up, this utility does a great job indeed when it comes to creating offline versions of any website. Very easy to use and with a strong feature pack, Teleport Pro is definitely one of the best choices from its software category.

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