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Theme Calendar 1.0 Crack + Serial Key

Theme Calendar Crack + Serial Key

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Theme Calendar has been designed as a simple calendar that is accompanied by a host of themed messages for each day of the week.

It provides easy navigation from one month to another through arrows positioned intuitively in the upper part of the main application window.

Regardless of how far ahead of behind you navigate the product offers the possibility to return to the current date in a single click.

In the lower part of the screen there is displayed the themed message of the day. Clicking to a different date results in changing the message.

There is a large database available so that the text snippets do not repeat for none of the calendar dates.

The program supports multiple themes that include general jokes, motivational quotes and Bible passages.

Theme Calendar includes easy to configure settings that allow changing the theme as well as making some modifications regarding the colors in the interface.

Users can customize the color of the background area where the month is displayed, the title text and trailing nuance as well as the color of the entire window.

Additional personalization settings refer to the font and include selecting a different type for the messages and the calendar.

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