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TI InterActive 1.3 Crack & Serial Number

TI InterActive Crack & Serial Number

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With all the available text editors, the pen and paper are slowly becoming obsolete. However, scientific writing can be a little difficult to express on a computer, given all the required symbols. That's why specialized applications such as TI InterActive provide a suitable workspace in which advanced math expressions and graphs can be easily written down and calculated.

The application comes equipped with an abundance of features that are cleverly packed in a simple and friendly environment. Unfortunately, it only properly runs on older versions of Windows and we only managed to successfully test it on XP.

On the other hand, results obtained used by the application can still be put to use, especially because you can export your work to several text formats or even HTML web page, which are still supported by latest operating systems.

Besides basic text editing options, you can insert a fair amount of specialized utilities, such as math box, several graph representations, tables, matrix and even spreadsheet, each with its own abundance of configurations. A different window hosts these dedicated settings so that the proper result is then placed on your main workspace.

The application is specialized in graph building, which can be either dependent of the Y coordinate, X-Y functions, parametric, polar, as well as statistical plot. A large variety of functions can be inserted in fields you need to fill in, with the possibility to bring up a symbol palette or command catalog for ease of access.

In addition, you can take advantage of an integrated web browser to look up info over the web. Nearly every aspect of the application can be customized to meet demands, such as measurement units, digits displayed, number and text formatting, as well as page layout and elements.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that TI InterActive is an extremely powerful scientific tool, with its only flaw being the lack of updates. Provided features are not difficult to understand, and the amount of customization options allows you to write down and perform some of the most advanced calculations.

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