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TinyDB Engine 2.92 Crack & Activation Code

TinyDB Engine Crack & Activation Code

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TinyDB is a small, fast and very reliable database engine for developers in Delphi and C++Builder programs.

It provides access to a flat file in its own format without BDE, and doesn't need any installation and configuration. With TinyDB engine, all data can be stored in only one database file. TinyDB engine is an ideal BDE replacement for small database applications in Delphi and C++Builder.

TinyDB engine consists of TinyTable, TinyDatabase, TinySession and TinyDB Desktop utility. TTinyTable is inherited from TTinyDataSet which is a direct descendant from standard TDataSet.

It provides all the TDataSet's functions such as Filtering, Searching, Sorting, Blob fields and it has some advanced features such as database Encryption, blob fields Compression, CRC32 protection, In-memory database and Multiple indexes.

Here are some key features of "TinyDB Engine":

· Inherited from TDataSet, supports all visual DB-aware components;

· Without BDE, and no DLL, no OCX;

· All data in ONE database file;

· Supports BLOB data Compression;

· Supports database Encryption, and CRC32 protection;

· Supports In-memory database;

· Supports Multi-indexes, Master-Detail relationship;

· Maximum records quantity over 100,000;

· TinyDB Desktop tool, detailed manual, and abundant samples;

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