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tlTerm Crack With Activator 2023

tlTerm Crack With Activator 2023

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tlTerm is an easy to use application aimed mainly at professional terminologists and translators, as it offers them the proper means to create and edit term lists. The program supports virtually all existing languages, generally accepting all Unicode characters without a glitch.

In order to create a new term list using this application, you first need to select the languages you intend to work with. Subsequently, you have to choose the relevant fields for your project, namely 'Term', 'Part of Speech', 'Subject', 'Usage Register', 'Definition', 'Pronunciation' and 'Audio. After creating your project, you can start adding various entries.

tlTerm enables you to get a preview of the created entry in real-time, thus letting you know which fields were completed or not, or whether your require more information about a particular field. For each added term, tlTerm allows you to perform web as well as image searches on the Internet, a feature particularly useful in the case of highly visual terminology.

Additionally, tlTerm provides you with the option of working in teams, by assisting you in creating several users. Each user can login with their credentials, making it very easy to determine which terms were added by whom.

The application also allows you to work with TBX files, so you can import existing termbases and edit them to suit your needs. Similarly, all projects can be exported to a variety of formats, including CSV, HTML, XML, RTF or ODBC.

An interesting feature provided by tlTerm is the 'Microsoft Word Integration', which was designed particularly for translators, that enables you to increase your productivity level by offering instant lookups of a selected word in your termbase. In addition, this helps ensure terminological consistency throughout an entire document.

tlTerm is a user-friendly tool that can simplify your terminological work and help you quickly create or edit term lists, proving its abilities from the first use.

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