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Toolwiz Time Freeze 2017 Crack Full Version

Toolwiz Time Freeze Crack Full Version

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Toolwiz Time Freeze acts like a Windows sandbox: it is able to create a virtual copy of your current settings so that they can be restored during the next computer boot.

If you’re familiar with virtual environments, then understanding the concept of Toolwiz Time Freeze is easy. Typically, in a virtual machine, you can perform all sorts of tests and install third-party applications with no effects on the host.

The tool behaves in a similar way; when the service that empowers the program is on, any change made to the system partition will be discarded after you restart the workstation.

During the installation process, you are offered a few customization options, like the possibility to enable the service on the C drive every time, to disable the app in safe mode, or to password-protect the access to the main core. A restart is required in order to accommodate the new changes on your computer.

By default, the service is disabled and can be activated only when instructed to do so by the user. You can manipulate it from the main application window, where you can also build a list of files and folders that will be excluded from the virtualization process, in case you want to commit changes to them. In other words, the modifications produced to these resources will not be undone during the next boot.

You can opt for the program to display a toolbar on the desktop, which will indicate whether the service is on or off. There’s also the possibility to configure it to start automatically at Windows boot.

Overall, Toolwiz Time Freeze is a simple and straightforward, yet remarkable piece of software. By taking advantage of its powerful features, it’s easy to transform your machine into a testing environment for applications that you consider untrustworthy or suspicious, since a reboot will restore the OS to its previous state.

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