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Total Directory Report 7.92 Activator Full Version

Total Directory Report Activator Full Version

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Files and folders on your computer take up disk space nonetheless, but working a considerable time with different types of files, especially text documents or pictures, can leave them spread throughout various locations. In this regard, Total Directory Report comes with the right means to easily scan directories and generate different types of useful reports.

It takes only a little while to get the application up and running, with an intuitive interface showing up as soon as you launch it. The visual design lets you quickly accommodate, with cool elements that not only blend in, but also provide thorough descriptions so you don’t get stuck along the way.

As the name suggests, Total Directory Report targets any folder on the computer you provide, analyzes it, and then shows a large variety of report types, depending on the info of interest. Adding a folder is pretty easy, only requiring you to drag it over a dedicated trigger location.

Once this is done, a new prompt is brought up, so you can select the information fields based on which to create reports. The amount of types is no less than impressive, with options to pick file classification by type, subfolder size, classification by size, created file types for the period, list of largest files, list of certain file types, duplicate files, folder tree, and a lot more.

This option selection screen also lets you pick the location to save the reports, with options to target local disks, as well as FTP servers. Some more parameters also need to be configured, with options to specify time period, list of files of the specified type, unused file criteria, directory printer, number of rows in a report, and a report designer.

Depending on the size, number, and type of files found in the target directory, it can take Total Directory Report some time to finish building all reports. HTML files are then created at the location you specified. However, you can also opt for PDF output, and even convert to simple CSV files, or bundle inside a ZIP archive.

All things considered, we can safely state that Total Directory Report comes in handy for performing thorough analysis on a target computer, with the process requiring little effort on your behalf. The amount and depth of info fields you get to choose is stunning, with each report type being created under a separate file. It can easily be used by anyone, being worth at least a try overall.

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