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Total Power Guitar 1.09 Crack + Serial Number Download

Total Power Guitar Crack + Serial Number Download

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Download Total Power Guitar [Crack]

Learn the guitar quickly and easily. Learn chords, soloing and scales.

Total Power Guitar has a unique style of teaching. You play music in the very first lesson, then learn to play chords, scales, songs. You also solo and write music.

Thousands of people have used TPG to teach themselves how to play guitar. TPG has you 30 lessons, built-in metronome and tuning, play-along tracks, and all diagrams are printable.You also learn how to create music instantly, on the spot. You are shown how to solo effortlessly, for as long as you want.

You will see how to create whatever mood you want when you play. TPG shows you how to understand any type of music you want to- rock, country, jazz, blues, folk or any other.

With TPG, you learn how to learn. You will understand TAB, rhythm, and melody. And when you are finished, you will know how to continue on in any direction you choose, including writing and composing your own music.


■ P133 or better

■ 40M RAM


■ 5 day or 3 uses trial

■ Nag screen

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