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TRANSDAT 25.29 Crack + Activation Code Download

TRANSDAT Crack + Activation Code Download

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TRANSDAT is a lightweight tool that has been designed to help those who need to transform spatial data from one coordinate reference system to another. The software is also capable of changing the data structure simultaneously with making the aforementioned transformations.

The application offers various methods of transforming worldwide coordinates, courtesy of support for various Reference Systems for European countries (both EU and non-EU) or for the United States and Canada. It also features NTv2 grid file supported coordinate transformations.

The utility provides users with the possibility to define their coordinates in more than one manner, such as by using either worldwide systems or country-specific ones. Additionally, they can use Helmert or Molodenski (Bursa / Wolf) parameters for this action.

The tool enables users to define their own coordinate or reference systems, while also offering support for the use of EPSG codes for these systems.

Users can enter coordinates either by typing them manually, or by loading them from a file. To make this operation easy, TRANSDAT comes with support for formats such as Text, dBase, or ArcGenerate. There is also an included Shape Viewer for opening ArcShape files.

The utility comes with a programmable GPS interface that offers support for reading coordinates from a GPS antenna connected to a laptop or notebook, and can also run on a network. Moreover, it can perform batch processing actions.

TRANSDAT enables users to view coordinates in Google Maps / Earth and OpenStreetMap with a simple mouse click, via a set of buttons conveniently placed on its main window.

The software can perform arithmetic operations and also allows users to choose an NTv2 file to work with, or to view the log file. User-defined configurations can be saved for later access.

TRANSDAT can easily prove a helpful tool for professionals, providing them with the possibility to perform coordinate transformations fast and easy for use in the reference system of their choosing.

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