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TreeMap 2019.8.3 Crack With Serial Key

TreeMap Crack With Serial Key

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TreeMap is a reliable and interactive visualization utility worth having when you need to gather all your data and get a better overview from it.

The application provides you with a useful means of filtering and exploring your data the way you want, thus viewing budgets, projects, surveys, documents and other structured data sets. It also divides the main window so that the space of each entry is proportional to the data values.

When you launch TreeMap for the first time, you are required to open a new MTM file or connect to a specific database, be it MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL or IBM DB2, to name a few. After configuring the proper options, you are able to view and access all the available tables from the left panel.

Additionally, the program enables you to change the layout to ‘Squarified’, ‘Split’, ‘Circular’ or ‘Matrix’, group data by country, industry or rank, choose the labels you want to be displayed, as well as modify the rendering to ‘Flat’ or ‘Cushion’. Furthermore, coloring schemes can be adjusted to the last detail, irrespective of the size, color, height and labels mapped to any attribute.

You can also zoom into the current treemap by using the range sliders located on top, as well as on the right pane of the application. What’s more, as you hover the mouse across the opened treemap, you will notice that details such as company name, industry, country, assets and sales are displayed into a small window. Drilling down into a node can be easily done by double-clicking on a shape.

By accessing the Details section you are able to specify details such as market value, assets, country, Forbes webpages and profits.

The File menu enables you to open a new database or directory, view a different data set, export graphics and reload the current data.

To conclude, TreeMap is a practical and useful application that comes in handy for users who need to filter and explore data such as budgets, sales, products, assets and profits.

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