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TRW 2000 1.23 Crack & License Key

TRW 2000 Crack & License Key

Windows 9X


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Identifying and fixing bugs in software applications is a task that requires some dedicated tools and advanced knowledge on the part of the user. This type of utilities, called debuggers, have been around for many years and some are especially tailored to work under a certain environment.

TRW 2000 is one such program and it is meant to be used only under Windows 9x environments as Windows NT, Windows 2000 or above are not supported. This application is made to function at system level and intercept any code executed under Windows.

With TRW 2000 all executables are traceable, so whether they are old-style COM utilities, Win32 Portable Executable (PE) files or any other kind of application, this software can tap into it and examine the code.

The list of supported commands and functions is quite impressive and it includes viewing 32-bit modules, processes, tasks and threads and even building a PE executable using the memory image of the monitored app.

Loading a file in TRW 2000 is an easy job and once this is done, the software is able to read the code and provide the necessary output details in the dedicated area of the main window. Keyboard shortcuts are available for many operations, which can make working with the program data a lot easier.

This tool can be extended in terms of functionality since it supports plugins. Nonetheless, the users will have to devise some of their own using the development kit included in the package.

The documentation that accompanies TRW 2000 should contain many answers and instructions on how to make the plugins and operate the program at its full potential.

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