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UltraMenu 1.2 Beta / 1.1 Crack With Keygen Latest 2022

UltraMenu Crack With Keygen Latest 2022

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Ultra Menu is a useful DTHML/JavaScript web menu builder. With its help, you can easily complete the creation of navigation menus for a web site even without any development experience related to DHTML or JavaScript.

It can generate cross-browser pop-up or drop-down menus compatible with all popular browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, Safari and Camino, etc. Ultra Menu supports hierarchical menus, and you can customize such attributes as layout, text, font style, link, background, border, animation effects, etc. for menus, menu groups and menu items separately based on your requirements.

After you have completed the design of a menu, you can add it into your web pages by Ultra Menu's Publish Wizard in a breeze. Ultra Menu will save you a significant amount of time and effort required to fully understand DHTML and JavaScript code capable to support all DHTML-enabled browsers!

Here are some key features of "UltraMenu":

■ Menu codes generated by Ultra Menu are compatible with all major operating systems and browsers, and keep the maximum visual consistency on all browsers. Operating systems supported by Ultra Menu include Windows 98/2000/XP/2003, Mac and Unix/Linux. Browsers supported by the product include Internet Explorer 5.0 , FireFox 0.9 , Netscape Navigator 7.0 , Opera 7.0 , Mozilla 1.0 , Konqueror 3.0 , Safari 1.0 , Camino 0.8 , etc.

■ 40 meticulously designed templates of different styles are included. You can create a menu by any template, and customize it based on your requirement after that.

■ The content of each menu item can be pure text, HTML code or an image. For a text menu item, you can set the font, color, size and style of the text, while for an image menu item, you can specify an image file and specify the width, height and border size of the image. Besides, you can also specify the size, alignment, link address and tooltip, etc. for each menu item.

■ For a common menu item, you can choose and customize its icon image. For menu item including a menu group, you can also choose and customize its arrow image.

■ You can set the background colors of the menu groups and menu items. You can also choose a static or dynamic image as the background of a menu group or a menu item, which will add fun to your menu.

■ You can set the border style, border size and color of a menu group and each of its menu items.

■ You can set the color and size of a menu separator, or choose an image as the separator.

■ A menu group can display the menu items under the group horizontally or vertically. Its popup position, transparency and distance between adjacent sub menu items can also be customized.

■ Some animation effects can be used to show or hide a menu group. At the same time, you can specify the shadow effect of a menu group.

■ The position of a menu in the web page can be static or floating (scrolling with the scrolling of the web page).You can also configure it into a context menu, which appears when you right-click the web page.

■ You can chose different cursors to distinguish between menu items including links and those with no links

■ Multiple-selection editing is supported. You can choose multiple menu items at the same time, and modify their attributes together.

■ The "Preview" window can work in two modes. Normal mode: In this mode, visual effect of a menu will be identical to the real effect when it is published. Design mode: In this mode, menu item being edited will be expended and shown with a surrounding red frame, so you can clearly view the menu item being edited.

■ You can preview a menu with the default page, or specify an existing HTML file as the preview page to check the menu's actual effects in web pages.

■ Besides the embedded "Preview" window, you can also add multiple external browsers to test the working of the menu in other browsers.

■ "Publish Wizard" can help you add the finally generated menu code to your web pages. You can specify an existing HTML file into which to insert the codes directly, or check the generated codes and copy them to the clipboard, or create a JavaScript include file to be called by multiple web pages. At the same time, some resource files (images, JavaScript codes) required by the finally generated menu can also be copied into the directories you specified during the publishing procedure.

■ One web page can include multiple menus generated by Ultra Menu.


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