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Unzip Wizard 3.20.32 Crack With Activator

Unzip Wizard Crack With Activator

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There are plenty of compression tools on the market, but Unzip Wizard was developed to make unzipping a breeze regardless of your computer knowledge.

As you may guess just by reading its name, extracting files from a ZIP archive can now be done by following a few steps, so it's all just a matter of time and clicks.

The interface is plain and simple, which is quite okay given the fact that it's all just a wizard.

First of all, the program requires you to input the path to the target ZIP files and then select the items you wish to extract. Unzip Wizard shows a great amount of information on every compressed file, including original file name, date, time, size, packed size, rate, method and disk number.

Once you're done selecting the files you want to unzip, the application asks for an output folder and then displays a summary of the wizard, giving you to option to go back and change any of the displayed settings.

Just as expected, the unzipping process doesn't take much time and the application remains friendly with hardware resources all the time. Of course, this also depends on the ZIP archive dimensions, so the larger the archive is, the more time it needs to complete the process.

All in all, Unzip Wizard is an interesting piece of software, but it's hard to believe that professional users are willing to abandon more powerful compression tools for a basic wizard. What's more, extracting files from a ZIP archive with the help of Unzip Wizard could take more time than with a regular compression tool, mostly because users are forced to follow the same few steps every time.

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