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URL Helper 3.42 Crack + Activator Download

URL Helper Crack + Activator Download

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Download URL Helper [Crack]

URL Helper provides you with a simple method to identify the full URLs of all multimedia streams displayed on a webpage, allowing you to easily download video files you stumble upon and save them to your computer.

Usually, the direct links of online streaming video and audio content are concealed by JavaScript or ActiveX scripts, which makes it difficult for the regular user to find them. The purpose of URL Helper is to help you solve this issue, since it is capable of identifying and displaying all the links that your Web browser accesses.

What this application actually does is take advantage of the capabilities of the WinPCap capturing driver in order to analyze the network traffic and detect potential URLs of downloadable files. It can capture HTTP, MMS, RTSP and RTMP streaming addresses and show you the links that correspond to FLV, MP4, MP3, WMV, RM etc. multimedia formats.

On the downside, the application generates a large number of links (due to the fact that webpages host advertisements, pictures, banners and so on) and does not filter the results, thus you have to manually choose the ones that interest you.

Nevertheless, sorting the results by name or by content type should help you on this matter, allowing you to distinguish the links you are looking for. Furthermore, the application enables you to search the results for a certain keyword or content type.

Proxy support, automatic downloading options, OpenVPN support, multi-lingual interface are some of the other advantages that this application comes with.

To sum up, URL Helper is capable of showing you the links that a visited website is accessing, which allows you to figure out the exact URLs that correspond to a playing multimedia stream. It is an easy to use URL sniffer that is worth having around for detecting hidden links.

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