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USB Lock RP 13.55.02 Crack + Keygen Updated

USB Lock RP Crack + Keygen Updated

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If you have several computer connected in a network, you can rely on specialized applications to remotely manage or control them, which can come in handy if some of the users are computer novices and cannot handle some issues by themselves. For example, USB Lock RP is a dedicated software solution that enables you to manage all USB devices from your connected computers.

You first need to make sure you install the server and the client software to the correct systems, while also ensuring you specify the same port numbers during the installation of both components.

Once this step is completed, you can access the control panel of USB Lock RP and explore all the connected clients, then choose the one you are interested in.

Due to USB Lock RP, you will be able to effortlessly authorize or block certain USB devices so as to prevent data leaks, especially if you are working in a corporate environment dealing with various confidential data.

More precisely, you can block CDs, DVDs, e-Sata drives or Firewire drives, or you can authorize specific removable drives, according to the permissions you set up within USB Lock RP. You can also authorize or block WiFi or Bluetooth devices, as you see fit.

Additionally, you can also reboot or shutdown the remote computer, as well as explore its system information and export it to a separate file that you can analyze at a later time. As such, you can review details like processor type and available RAM, current operating system and product ID, as well as examine all the applications installed onto the remote PC.

All in all, USB Lock RP can come in handy if you want to effortlessly block removable devices, discs, Bluetooth, e-Sata and Firewire drives, WiFi devices on multiple remote computers. However, you need to purchase a license if you want to enjoy the benefits of this app indefinitely.

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