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User Account Manager 6.02 Crack + License Key

User Account Manager Crack + License Key

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User Account Manager is an advanced software application that is specialized in managing user accounts in an Active Directory environment. It gives you the freedom to create and delete user accounts, set folder permission, change Active Directory attributes, as well as generate Exchange mailboxes. Templates are also on the feature list so you can quickly handle multiple accounts.

Plus, you can add a single account or import multiple ones, make home and profile directories, create shares with permissions, run external BAT, CMD, and EXE files, alter AD attributes for multiple users, and change account settings for multiple users at the same time.

The tool sports a clean and well-structured interface that reminds of Microsoft Word’s ribbon design. It comes packed with a comprehensive suite of configuration settings so you need to take some time and experiment with the dedicated parameters in order to understand how it works. You may also appeal to a help manual in case you need extra assistance with the configuration process.

User Account Manager offers you the possibility to assign a server to each of the user’s home/profile directories. What’s more, you are allowed to set the domain controller for the creation of user accounts, make the app show either the common name (CN) or name of the users, turn on or off the logging mode, make use of admin shares when renaming/moving or deleting user directories, as well as configure a default password applied when resetting user passwords and creating users.

In addition, the program is able to generate random passwords when creating users and helps you set up rules for naming users upon their creation, create all sorts of templates, and tweak Active Directory properties.

As soon as you are done with setting up templates, default password, and name format options, you may add a new user to the database. You can enter a name, select a server and template, type OU name, as well as perform several predefined actions, such as create directories and shares, set folder permission, generate user account, add user to groups, make mailbox, and run script. Plus, multiple users can be imported from CSV file format.

User Account Manager lets you enable or disable accounts, reset passwords, delete accounts, move users between organizational units, as well as modify AD attributes.

In conclusion, User Account Manager proves to be a reliable application that comprises a set of advanced features for simplifying the management of user accounts in Microsoft networks. It is suitable especially for professionals.

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