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UTFCast Professional 3.4.7767 Crack + Activation Code

UTFCast Professional Crack + Activation Code

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UTFCast Professional is a piece of software capable of converting text files on your computer to Unicode encoding, while also offering support for processing large size files.

The application has been designed to convert files using UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 encoding, thus making them suitable for reaching a broader audience, which can prove great when considering the fact that over half of web pages are using this standard.

With this tool, you can process text files that feature very large sizes (hundreds of GB) and still enjoy fast operations. This feature makes the app suitable for professionals, especially since it requires a small investment that might not be worth if you need to convert only a few files.

UTFCast Professional allows you to simply select the directory where your documents are located and then hit the convert button to start the operation.

The software can recognize text files even if they have a different extension, and is also capable of maintaining the directory structure of the original files.

The utility allows you to easily find the documents you want to convert via an integrated file explorer. Moreover, the app enables you to view various details on your text files, including location, size, and codepage. There is also a preview pane on the bottom right corner to have a look at the content of selected files.

The program has been designed to detect over 30 codepages, which should make it a very useful tool when you want to convert files that feature different encoding. You can also specify new names for each converted file, or have them all saved with their original name in a specific output directory.

A session view in the app allows you to keep an eye on operations that are being performed. You also have the option to pause or resume sessions, or to completely end them.

All in all, UTFCast Professional can easily prove a useful tool for converting text files to Unicode encoding, courtesy of its simple UI and support for multiple codepages.

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