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VBA Recovery Toolkit 2021-08-21 Serial Number Full Version

VBA Recovery Toolkit Serial Number Full Version

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VBA Recovery Toolkit is a useful tool for the computer users who need to open a file that contains protected VBA code. The VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) modules are implemented in many Microsoft Office documents in order to automate certain actions or to enhance their usage.

If you work on multiple projects you can sometimes forget the password used for protecting the VBA code from being viewed by unauthorized users. When you need to make changes to the code and you do not have an unprotected copy of the file, this program can come in handy.

The application features an easy to use interface which allows you to select the file that you want to open and to view the potential errors messages. You do not have to be a developer or to have any previous knowledge in programming or VBA editing.

Unlike other applications that change the content of the password record with a new value, this tool aims to help you access the code without making any changes to the original file. The method enables you to change only the internal records which leaves the file intact. You can choose to modify the content or to only view the VBA code.

Since it deals with the VBA IDE and not the file itself, this bypass method can be applied to multiple file formats. Thus, it can be handy for the users that deal with Microsoft Office documents, AutoCAD drawings or other VBA-enabled files..

The program intends to help you with other protection measures such as locked or hidden VBA projects by clearing the VBA IDE settings that prevent you from viewing the code. You just need to make sure that you load the file by using the VBA Recovery Toolkit dialog.

In our tests, the app successfully revealed the VBA code from password protected Office documents by instantly opening the file. It is a practical tool which can help you access the code behind macros and other VBA projects.

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