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Vehicle Manager Home Edition 2022 (3.0.1012.0) Crack With License Key

Vehicle Manager Home Edition Crack With License Key

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Download Vehicle Manager Home Edition [Crack]

For a boost in efficiency when running a business it is important to closely keep track of every item and activity. This can be done with an accountant, or you can do it yourself using a specialized application. Needless to say where Vehicle Manager comes in handy.

The application lets you store info about anything that is happening to your vehicle. Given its simple interface, you can use it even from the comfort of your home computer. You are able to add any vehicle you want, include anything there is to know, and even write down some notes if something needs to be mentioned, not to mention a picture associated with it.

Every vehicle you need to keep track of is displayed in a list, which lets you easily select a different one while browsing through other tabs. You are given the ability to view a fuel log, showing info in a measuring unit of your choice. Furthermore, you can schedule events and their type, as well as enlisting parts that need to be changed, showing the cost, manufacturer and vendor.

Besides the “Vehicles” tab, you may also closely keep an eye on services, parts and vendors. Easily manage what needs to be changed, specifying the parts, time frequency and if to be repeated, as well as after how many units shown by your odometer.

A pretty useful feature is that it not only lets you add vendors to easily keep a history of where parts were bought from, but also contacts, in case you just happened to know somebody wanting to sell a part you needed. In addition, reports can be issued if specific info needs to be printed out.

All in all, Vehicle Manager is not only a way to keep track of vehicles used in your business, but also more efficiently manage your personal car's expenses. The user friendly interface makes it accessible to even the most inexperienced users, so you simply jump into the process of managing right after you install the application.

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