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VentaFax & Voice Crack With Serial Key

VentaFax & Voice Crack With Serial Key

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VentaFax & Voice is a comprehensive and effective application whose main purpose is to help users send and receive fax and voice messages via a fax modem or the Internet.

Before you can make any phone or modem connections, you need to select the country, as well as specify the area code and the carrier code you are currently using. This way, you can turn your PC’s fax modem into an ideal answering machine with remote control.

The main window of VentaFax & Voice is intuitive and very easy to work with. It displays a virtual fax machine with buttons and controls from where you can dial any number you want. The left panel of the application displays five categories you can choose from, namely ‘Phonebook’, ‘Log Book’, ‘Manager’, ‘Scheduler’ and ‘Script Editor’.

The Phonebook section allows you to manage and organize all the contacts, or simply blacklist specific ones. By accessing the Log Book option you are able to view all the incoming and outgoing sessions, received and sent messages, as well as create new user-defined reports. In case you want to manage inbox and outbox messages, cover page templates, stamps and other personal data, you can access the Manager tab. By using Script Editor, you can create powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

The Wizard option, located in the main toolbar of the application enables you to send messages with personalized headers, stamps and cover pages.

Using VentaFax & Voice you are also able to redirect incoming faxes and voice messages to other phone numbers, convert incoming faxes to PDF, forward both incoming and outgoing faxes and voice messages to e-mail, as well as record a telephone conversation with a single click.

In case you are looking to replace your old fax machines, but you still want to take advantage of the same benefits or even more, VentaFax & Voice is a steady solution that may work well for you and your business. It allows you to send fax messages securely to various destinations and manage unlimited voice message recordings, however you cannot use the application alongside Skype, since the latter uses non-standard protocols.

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