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Videocharge Crack + Activator Download 2024

Videocharge Crack + Activator Download 2024

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Download Videocharge [Crack]

Videocharge is a powerful video editing tool that's able to convert and split videos, resize and apply watermarks with the help of a user friendly approach.

One of the best things about the application is the well-developed wizard, which not only that presents the main built-in features, but it also gives you the power to use each of them by following a few steps.

For example, you can apply a watermark, be it a text or an image, to a video file or photo, convert audio files, images or videos, extract scenes from a clip, join audio or video files, remove scenes from a clip or split audio files.

Obviously, each of the aforementioned tasks come with separate configuration options, so it's recommended to pay attention to each step before clicking the next button.

Videocharge works with the most popular formats out there, including AVI (DivX, XVid), Mpeg - 1/2 (SVCD, VCD), WMV (WMA, ASF), JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, MP3, WAV. Another good thing is that the output format can be also configured from the main interface, with dedicated options to change colors, size, watermark and other parameters.

The settings menu is not at all complicated, but this is only the result of the intuitive wizard we were talking about, as most configuration options are grouped in the wizard. Still, you can configure the editor and the processing tool, with only a few options at your disposal.

Videocharge does what it says without hampering system performance, while the application works flawlessly on all Windows workstations. It doesn't need administrator privileges on Windows 7, but we've experienced minor slowdowns when processing large files.

Overall, Videocharge is clearly a handy product that can be safely installed by all types of users thanks to its user-friendly and well-developed wizard.

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