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VideoDesktop 3.1 Crack Plus License Key

VideoDesktop Crack Plus License Key

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Your desktop background doesn’t have to be covered exclusively with wallpapers, especially since videos as a great alternative. VideoDesktop is an app that was created to play some of the most popular types of video media files as the background of the desktop.

The program has a clean interface that is quite easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive layout.

Basically the app can play music video clips and replace both the default wallpaper and screensaver. This enables you to view the favorite videos without interfering with your work. The program supports a few file types, such as AVI and MPG

From the app’s interface, some settings can be modified. For instance, you can change the volume of the video and balance the sound to the left or right speakers. It is also possible to modify the video zoom, changing it to any value between “Small” and “Full Screen”. The resizable frame may be moved to any area of the screen.

Furthermore, the program can center the video if you enable this feature from the interface. Also, the utility may launch at system startup and immediately start playing the videos you’ve loaded.

As mentioned, VideoDesktop can play the role of screensaver. This requires that you select this option from the app’s interface and modify the number of minutes and seconds the computer has to be idle before the video covers the entire screen.

All in all, VideoDesktop is a nice tool that can keep you entertained while performing all types of tasks on the computer. Inexperienced users should find it easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive interface.

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