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Visual Assist X 10.9.2301.0 Crack + Activation Code Download

Visual Assist X Crack + Activation Code Download

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Visual Assist has been created as an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio that can help developers improve their productivity.

One of the features provided by the add-on is code refactoring, an operation that strips some of the complexity of the code, increasing its readability.

Another improvement added to the IDE (interactive development environment) refers to navigating through the code. It can help you find symbols, get to files as well as open a list of references quick and effortless.

Writing code in an IDE equipped with Visual Assist should be easier since the add-on can suggest completions and it corrects the mistakes automatically; you can even write the code in lower case and the extension does all the work with changing the case for the symbols. On the same note, it allows using abbreviations for writing code.

Support for multiple clipboards also comes in handy as you can easily paste more than just one snipped of previously copied code. The entries appear in a drop-down menu allowing you to easily select the necessary entry.

Understanding code can be simpler thanks to features such as syntax coloring, which supersedes the basic options available in Microsoft’s IDE. Moreover, stable symbols can be shown in italic and local ones in bold type.

Code correction includes not just case repairing but eliminating typos like a pointer notation instead of a dot after a pointer variable; spell-checking is on the list of features too and it covers text in comments and strings.

The advantages of Visual Assist may not be evident right away, but after working with it for a longer period of time it starts to become an important part of your coding.

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