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Visual Matrix 2.0 Serial Number Full Version

Visual Matrix Serial Number Full Version

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Users who work in fields which involve matrix calculations might have trouble in finding a quick and compact solution to meet their requirements. Multiple software packages that offer such features exist, but most of them emphasize increased complexity. Visual Matrix tries to help people from a different angle, by providing them with a basic tool for computing matrix operations. It will offer computation and decomposition features, together with useful export to several common formats.

Users will benefit from a basic interface that will offer them three main sections, two for the participating matrices and one for displaying the results. One will be able to easily input the preferred number of rows / columns for each matrix, but when entering the actual values in their fields, users will not be able to navigate using the “Tab” key.

This may not be such a major drawback, but entering the figures by either selecting the different cell with the mouse cursor or moving with the arrow keys isn’t practical. Users who are used to efficient data entry operations might not appreciate this shortcoming, as it will greatly increase the handling time.

One will be able to choose between computation and decomposition operations and the application offers several predefined options. Addition, subtraction, Cartesian product, determinant, etc., for the computations and LU / QR, for the decompositions.

People can export the results of their matrix operations for handling in external applications and the utility offers support to some of the most common document formats. In order to increase interoperability, one can select from the following: XLS, HTML, PDF, CSV, XML.

Going past its main issue regarding the data entry without using the “Tab” key, this application will surely be a good choice for those who need to perform matrix operations. It will offer them a basic interface that will be easy-to-use and they will be able to customize the matrices to their requirements. Providing several computation and decomposition options, it will help novice users solve their matrices in no time.

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