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VizUp 5.2.0 Crack + License Key

VizUp Crack + License Key

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VizUp is a software application that you can use in order to reduce and optimize the size of various 3D models, by subtracting the number of the polygons contained in the structure.

The interface of the software program is user-friendly and extremely simple which makes VizUp suitable for almost any type of person, provided they read a tutorial first. In the main window you will only be able to see the Menu Bar and a few buttons, the rest being occupied by the 3D model that you are interested in modifying.

In order to reduce a certain model, you will just have to open it and press the ‘Reduce’ button. There are various levels of reduction, from 10% to 95%. The purpose of these compressions is to create a model with a well-balanced level of detail and size, which can then be used in virtual reality and real-time visualization systems. If you want to, you should know that the program also has an option that allows you to reduce more 3D models in the same time and you can find it in the Menu Bar under the name ‘Batch Mode’.

In addition to all that, the program also offers some other options, such as only seeing the vertices, smooth shading, wireframe, texture or flat shading of the object you have loaded into the program.

VizUp supports file formats such as Wavefront OBJ, VRML, and StereoLitho STL.

To sum up, VizUp is a very useful application that was designed specifically for game developers, architects and 3D designers, but this does not mean you cannot try it if you are a normal user. Just be sure to read a tutorial before, so as to understand what you are doing.

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