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Volume Serial Number Editor 2.02.34 Crack + License Key

Volume Serial Number Editor Crack + License Key

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Download Volume Serial Number Editor [Crack]

Volume Serial Number Editor is an application with a pretty self-explanatory name, providing you with a simple and fast method of modifying the serial number of your disk drives.

The volume serial number is an automatically generated sequence of 8 hexadecimal characters (from 0 to 9 and A to F), assigned by the operating system to a disk or tape volume each time a partition is formatted. It is also used during the Windows installation process, in order to identify the target partition and prevent you from moving the setup files to another drive.

Volume Serial Number Editor is capable of changing the volume ID instantly, without having to reformat the disk drive. It works with FAT, FAT32 and NTFS file systems and is compatible with USB drives.

The main interface is simple and does not provide many options. The application analyzes the selected drive and automatically displays its volume ID, enabling you to save it to a TXT file on your computer, for later reference, which comes in handy if any disk recognition problem occurs.

In order to prevent data loss, you are advised to backup the files and folders on the target drive and shut down any running applications prior to using Volume Serial Number Editor. Usage is pretty straightforward, since you just have to select the target drive, enter the new serial number and press the 'Change' button. A system reboot is mandatory for the changes to take effect.

After restart, you can check that the volume ID is changed by simply choosing the drive letter in the main window of Volume Serial Number Editor.

To conclude, if you are looking for a simple tool that can modify the volume identification number without any hassle, Volume Serial Number Editor is worth trying.

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