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VRS Recording System 5.48 Crack + Serial Key Download

VRS Recording System Crack + Serial Key Download

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Download VRS Recording System [Crack]

VRS Recording System is a simple, yet effective multichannel audio and telephone recorder worth having when you need to quickly record multiple audio channels simultaneously.

Adopting a straightforward interface, the application provides you with robust and useful options that can be used for day-to-day recording tasks. Also, it comes with automatic level controllers so you can improve voice intelligibility.

The main window of VRS Recording System is user-friendly and displays all the available channels. You can also add your owns, by selecting the available recording device, the recording file and setting the volume. After that, all the files are automatically compressed to WAV, MP3 or GSM format and can be searched by date, time, line or other data.

On the below window where all the channels are displayed, you have the possibility to analyze each action that was performed so you will know if the current recorded file was saved, if the scheduled recording task was completed, as well as to view the path folder where all the files were compressed and saved.

Because of its main purpose that was designed for, VRS Recording System enables you to automatically record up to 64 telephone lines, schedule recordings for specific times, as well as to listen to live recording remotely.

In order to perform cost estimations for each phone call, VRS Recording System uses a table of dialed numbers so all you have to do is to add the values into the specified table and the application will scan the current list.

The feature that makes the application the stand out of the box is the DTMF dial digits detection that is used for telecommunication signaling over analog telephone lines. This way, you have the possibility to detect and log DTM tones and change the sensitivity level in case you are getting digits missed or not detected.

To sum things up, VRS Recording System is a comprehensive recording utility that can be easily used for radio station logging and phone line recording.

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