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WebDownloader 2.0 Crack + License Key (Updated)

WebDownloader 2.0 Crack + License Key (Updated)

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Download WebDownloader 2.0 [Crack]

As the name suggests, Web Downloader aims to provide you with a fast method of grabbing files from the Internet and organizing your downloads. It comes in handy for extracting the images and the videos from various websites and saving them to your computer.

The application provides support for the most popular picture and video streaming websites, namely Flickr, Google Images, Picasa, YouTube, PhotoBucker, DeviantArt and Fotki.

The embedded web browser enables users to easily navigate to the desired URL and quickly perform searches on any of the above mentioned webpages. Furthermore, it features a favorites manager that enables you to bookmark the pages you like most.

The application detects all the images or videos on the target webpage, enabling you to download the desired ones with a single operation. Furthermore, you can organize them in the process, since Web Downloader can create new sub-folders in the download location. Pictures from FlickrDownloader can be imported and multiple URLs can be downloaded with just a few clicks.

All the content that you saved in the current session is displayed within the main window and automatically sent to the built-in library, offering you the possibility to organize and filter all the files, add them tags and locations.

Web Downloader notifies you about failed download attempts. During our tests, some of the videos could not be downloaded, but on the other hand, we experienced no problem in grabbing photos. As far as the download speed is concerned, this is actually one of the strong points of the software.

Web Downloader is capable of identifying and extracting pictures and videos from multiple websites, enabling you to create a complete, organized collection of multimedia files. The satisfactory download speed, together with the video frame generation capabilities and the intuitive interface makes it worth a try.

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