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Website Downloader 1.17 Crack + Serial Key Updated

Website Downloader Crack + Serial Key Updated

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Download Website Downloader [Crack]

There’s still a long way until the Internet is fully integrated within our daily lives, and until then we have to cope with different connection types, speed settings, and more. However, information from the web can easily be grabbed for offline view, and with the help of specialized applications like Website Downloader this becomes a walk in the park.

Needless to say that you need to have an active Internet connection, at least to be able to download specified content. Security can be enhanced over the web by setting up a proxy connection from the options tab, or you can rely on Internet Explorer default settings.

Multiple sites can be configured, but it can take some time for the download session to finish. Setting up a new connection brings up a window with several settings. Needless to say that one of requirement fields is the URL string.

However, the list of requirement fields doesn’t end here. A location needs to be provided, as well as username and password in case content is tied to your account. Keywords and an exclude list help narrow down results, but there are also different panels to select files of different types like images, archives, audio and video, documents, as well as flash.

The process doesn’t start until you say so, giving you the chance to add more websites to the list first. As mentioned above, the download session can be rather lengthy, especially when you choose to grab multiple types of content.

Results are shown in real time inside a table with additional info like URL, output folder, as well as download status also displayed. Websites are first scanned, and you can then choose the files to grab from the list.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Website Downloader is sure to help you grab the type of content you need for offline navigation, and lengthy research. Multiple websites can be added at a time, with various file filters to configure, making it definitely worth a try.

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