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WhizFolders Deluxe 7.1.5 Crack & Activation Code

WhizFolders Deluxe Crack & Activation Code

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Despite the popular belief, note-taking is not a dying art, but rather an activity that has been revolutionized and improved over time. Although we stopped taking notes the old fashioned way, we can still enjoy the same array of benefits associated with it.

WhizFolders Deluxe is a lightweight piece of software that enables you to take notes, edit them, add picture or tables and organize them so that you can find them easier.

Even though it is not very fresh or appealing, the interface is clear, intuitive and well-organized. In fact,  upon launch the application opens an extensive guide that introduces you to the features and functions of the application.

The main window is composed of two panels, one where you can preview the summary of notes and their organization and the other that allows you to view and edit your memos.

The strong point of the application resides in the simple process of building groups of notes that are interconnected. Not only can you move individual notes up or down and make as many child notes as you want, but you can also edit them seamlessly.

It is necessary to mention that the embedded editor comes with all the functions that are usually available in a standalone app, namely bullet points, fonts, style, color and alignment, for example. In addition, WhizFolders Deluxe enables you to insert pictures, tables, objects and a date, which you can further customize as you deem fit.

On a side note, the application does not let you save your notes in a desired format, but rather allows you to store your project with a WZFOLDER extension. Alternatively, you can export your memos in an RTF format. It would be useful if the app supported more file formats, especially since it allows you to insert databases and photos.

While the save function could use some work, WhizFolders Deluxe can be considered an overall  good note manager that can prove useful in a wide variety of situations.

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