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Wifi Protector Crack + Activation Code (Updated)

Wifi Protector Crack + Activation Code (Updated)

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Wifi Protector is a Wi-Fi hotspot shield, delivering groundbreaking protection for your wireless connection by detecting intruders and malware that might affect the well-being of your computer.

The presence of such an application on your PC is just as important as the existence of an antivirus solution for users who own a Wi-Fi device and use hotspots to share their Internet connection.

It’s important to acknowledge that Wifi Protector can only shield your wireless connection and does not provide a real-time system monitor, thus it cannot replace an antivirus application.

Wifi Protector automatically detects existent hotspots and engages in keeping tabs on them immediately. It benefits from three major modules that make it achieve its whole purpose.

The first one is the Privacy Protection, which enables private browsing sessions by concealing your IP address, ensuring that you are invisible to others while you’re navigating the Internet.

This is a very important boost for your privacy, since absolutely no one can track you, which minimizes the chances of identity theft.

The second module actively monitors your Wi-Fi connection, identifying the devices that are trying to compromise the security of your computer. Hacking alerts are blocked on spot, not to mention that you are notified when something of this sort occurs.

The cloud-based malware protection, which is the last of the modules, relies on a smart technology to restrict access to web resources that are known to distribute malware across the Internet.

In addition, you get the added benefit of the cloud technology, which identifies malware using an online database that is updated on a constant basis.

All of these modules work together and constitute the shield that anyone with a Wi-Fi connection should consider acquiring in order to prevent security breaches.

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