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Wincopy Screen Capture 2006 2.1.2277 Crack Plus Serial Number

Wincopy Screen Capture 2006 Crack Plus Serial Number

Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2K


Download Wincopy Screen Capture 2006 [Crack]

Wincopy 2006 is a useful program that allows you to capture sections of the computer screen, edit the captured image and save the image, print it or e-mail it.

Capture a section of the screen by simply drawing a rectangular outline with the mouse or by tracing an irregular shape. It is also possible to capture the active window.

Wincopy has an impressive collection of edit tools: lines, rectangles, ellipse, arrows, freehand drawings. You also insert text and images, use a yellow marker, highlight sections, and blank out sections.

Here are some key features of "Wincopy Screen Capture 2006":

■ Easy, simple and intuitive user interface.

■ Quick selection of the capture area by simply drawing a rectangle outline with your mouse.

■ Capture an irregular shape with freehand tracing of the object.

■ Capture the active window or the entire window with simple commands.

■ The capture can be triggered with a timer so that pull-down menus and pop-ups are captured.

■ The captured rectangle can be re-sized (increased or decreased) at any of the four sides with pixel precision.

■ Draw lines, rectangles, dotted outlines, ellipses, arrows, freehand shapes.

■ Choose any color from a color palette, or choose any of more than a million colors.

■ Choose the thickness of the drawing

■ The color and thickness can be set as default and can readily be changed for the current job.

■ Draw arrows in any direction, any color. Maps are rendered in standard solid or 'hollow' (contoured) format.

■ Highlight text with the 'Yellow Marker'.

■ Crop sections of the image (white-out).

■ Highlight rectangular sections with any color. Only the light-shaded background is colored; the text remains unchanged.

■ Insert Multi-line text into the image. Choose any font, any font size and attribute (bold, italic, underline). The insert can be transparent or opaque.

■ Insert an image either from a file or the clipboard, monochrome, color-indexed or true-color. The resolution is automatically adjusted. The insert can be opaque or transparent.

■ Use the Eraser to erase sections of the image.

■ Save the edited capture image in several graphics formats (BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG).

■ Print the captured image.

■ Email the captured image with the integrated email function. The image is automatically attached to the email. The image, email data and the body text is saved for later re-use. The email can also be linked to many of the popular email clients.

■ Wincopy also includes a practical screen magnifier.


■ Microsoft .NET Framework 1.2 or higher

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