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WindowFX 6.13 Crack With Serial Key Latest

WindowFX Crack With Serial Key Latest

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WindowFX intends to help you personalize the operating system in order to tune the way you interact with the Windows. The application is able to change the behavior of the windows and the desktop icons by adding certain effects.

As the name implies, most of the customization features are focused on the window behavior. The application provides you with a collection of presets that enable certain effects for minimizing, opening or closing windows. You can get started by applying them and creating personalized presets with a certain combination of effects.

The program includes a large collection of effects such as fade, rotate, distort, slide, swipe and the list can continue. Some of them can be customized by changing the direction, angle or source.

The Window Management feature enables you to fine tune the window context menu and to customize certain actions in order to improve the user efficiency. Thus, you can put any window on top of the other applications or disable its transparency effect during the Windows Peak.

If you are used to the mouse gestures when browsing the Internet and want to implement the same functions in the Windows Explorer, this tool provides a similar approach. The window flicks enable you to configure four actions for any application window.

You can minimize an application or send its window to another monitor with one gesture. Unfortunately, the gestures are not available for navigating through your folders since file management is not one of the WindowFX goals.

The changes made by the app can be removed by restoring the default parameters with one click on the button from the main window. This function comes in handy when you only need to change the OS behavior for a temporary period.

Overall, the WindowFX app is a great tool for improving the Windows interface. All the effects are applied instantly and the application can also help you save time by using the Windows Management features.

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