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WinLock 16 Free / 18 Pro Crack + Activation Code Updated

WinLock Crack + Activation Code Updated

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WinLock is an approachable and powerful software utility that lets you lock your desktop screen with a password and safely leave your PC unattended, knowing that other users won't be able to access it without authorization.

This may seem pretty rudimentary because password protection is a built-in Windows feature. However, WinLock sports other more interesting options that are not included in the operating system, such as emial alerts and remote control.

The setup procedure doesn't take a long time to finish. However, since it's ad-supported, WinLock offers to download and install third-party components that it doesn't really need to work properly. These can be excluded to make a clean installation, though.

Although this is not mentioned, the program adds an entry for itself to the Windows autostart sequence, so it will lock the PC at every startup.

Once WinLock is launched, you are required to specify a user name and key that will be used to unlock the desktop, along with an email address for key recovery. It creates an icon in the system tray area and gets minimized there, so it doesn't interrupt your regular activity on the computer.

As for the interface, the tool borrows the Start Screen Metro UI look from Windows 8. It automatically locks the desktop at launch. During this time, it's possible to adjust the system volume and check the network connection status.

When it comes to administrative rights, WinLock gives you the possibility to leave personalized notes for other users attempting to access the PC, personalize the background and profile picture, modify the user name and password, and configure keyboard shortcuts.

Windows 7 users may also enable a WinLock gadget on the desktop. Furthermore, you can activate automatic email notifications for login attempts, remotely control your computer from another machine, and integrate the tool into Gmail. Dual monitors are supported. All settings can be restored to default anytime.

As expected, the app doesn't hamper system performance, thanks to the fact that it needs low CPU and RAM to work properly. However, you should keep in mind that the free edition of WinLock is only a demo, so it doesn't provide all-around security for PC administrators, as other users will be able to disable the screen lock without a key (when trying to leave a note and then clicking the "Buy now" button). On top of that, we have noticed that it overwrites some of the global hotkeys when running, such as Alt+Tab or the Windows key.

Taking into account its powerful and intuitive options, WinLock can be used by anyone who wants to password-protect their computers, remotely control them, and activate email alerts.

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