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WinMatrix 2.35 Crack & Activation Code

WinMatrix Crack & Activation Code

Windows XP


Download WinMatrix [Crack]

The Matrix trilogy has been one of the most successful franchises in history, as the movies have been watched countless times by people all over the world.

On the other hand, there are many who like to show their appreciation for a movie, music band or any other artistic trend by customizing their computer, and this is why WinMatrix was created.

The application basically replaces the static desktop wallpaper with a custom animated one that is inspired by the Matrix series, i.e. with flowing lines of text.

In order to benefit from the functions of WinMatrix on their computer, users need to enable the Active Desktop. This can be achieved either automatically (once the app is launched, it offers to do this) or it can be done manually by those who have advanced PC skills.

Once the animation is running on the desktop, one can start customizing it their tastes, by switching between flowing or real matrix.

Those who go with the flowing type also get the possibility to adjust the matrix depth, as well as various types of speeds (overall, initial and maximum).

When they settle for the real matrix, users can modify the maximum line length and the overall speed, as well as the maximum lines in row. The number of highlighted items and their size can also be changed.

Whenever they want to personalize the desktop animation even further, users can activate fade out and set WinMatrix XP to be launched when Windows starts.

All in all, WinMatrix XP can turn out to be a great addition to the computers of all fans of the Matrix trilogy - on the downside, the application can only be installed on PCs running older operating systems, like Windows XP or older. In other words, it does not function properly on newer OSes.

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