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WinSent 3.2.9 Crack & Serial Key

WinSent Crack & Serial Key

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When working in a closed computer network, it is important to be able to communicate with others fast and secure. Using an online instant messaging software could be risky, as information sent over the Internet can be intercepted and decoded.

Moreover, if you do not have any Internet connection, you need a chat application capable of working in a closed LAN environment.

WinSent could come in handy, as it offers a reliable solution to instant messaging other computers that are connected to your LAN.

The application scans your LAN for any existing connected computers, allowing you to personalize each one by adding a recipient name and group, so you can easily identify your contacts by their name, and not the computer they work at.

You can easily send messages to a contact by typing its name in the search box, then entering the message you need to deliver.

WinSent saves all the messages you send and receive, giving you the possibility to keep a backup of all your sent and received IMs.

Furthermore, the program features a dependable filter that allows you to search any conversation that you had with a certain contact.

All you have to do is to enter the approximate date of your desired conversation and the contact name that participated to it. WinSent will display a list with all the messages that took place between the starting and ending dates.

WinSent gives you the chance to communicate with your workgroup without having to connect to the Internet, thus offering increased security and fast connections.

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