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WinStars 3.0.261 (07/02/2022) Crack + Serial Key Download

WinStars Crack + Serial Key Download

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Download WinStars [Crack]

WinStars is a software application that comes packed with many dedicated parameters for helping users view the objects of our solar system in a 3D environment.

The user interface may seem a bit overwhelming at a first glance, but this is only because the program bundles many functions for customizing the 3D animation effects.

It provides two different modes to choose from (planetarium or solar system) and gives users the possibility of viewing different details about the planets, spatial probes and satellites, such as heliocentric and physical information (e.g. longitude, latitude, distance, magnitude, illumination, diameter), as well as print the info.

You can specify the date, local time and time zone, latitude, longitude, as well as atmospheric pressure and temperature. Plus, the powerful built-in search engine gives users the possibility to look for stars, planets, comets, asteroids or constellations pretty easily.

Furthermore, you can make the program hide or reveal the constellations, stars, planets, probes, nebulae, comets, asteroids, the Milky Way, orbits as well as their names from the working environment.

When it comes to editing the 3D animation parameters, you can specify the speed or time delay between two frames as well as the number of frames per second. It is also possible to play or stop the animation and choose the rotation style.

You can use the mouse cursor to move on the solar system map, apply zooming options, and switch to a full screen mode or night vision. Other features worth mentioning allow users to take snapshots or capture the 3D animation to a video file. You may also change the font style and color for the names of the stars, planets, comets, asteroids, probes, and many others.

All in all, WinStars is a handy application that offers very good image quality for displaying the objects of our solar system in a 3D environment.

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